Holy Trinity
National Catholic Church

Celebrating the Diversity of God's People

Icon of The Holy Trinity by Br. Simeon
Holy Protection Orthodox Monastery, Geneva, Nebraska.

An inclusive parish of The National Catholic Church of America, offering the sacraments
without regard to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, race or disability.

Holy Trinity Church is a member congregation of The Capital Area Council of Churches, Inc.

Sunday Mass

SUNDAY MASSES will begin at a new location on February 26, 2023, the First Sunday of Lent

SUNDAY MASS is held at 1:00 P.M. at 85 Chestnut Street, Albany, NY.
Parking is available in the church parking lot and on the street.

Casual but modest clothing is fine for attending Mass at Holy Trinity.
We invite you to stay after Mass for the Coffee Hour where we can get to know each other and
start to become a close knit spiritual community. By all means bring friends, if you can.
Collections are not taken during our Masses. However, this, your Parish, does need your support
by gifting it with your time, talent and treasure.
We provide a warm welcome to everyone who joins us and
we will be happy to celebrate those special life occasions that are part of our journey to the Lord.
Please see the pastor concerning Baptisms, Weddings, House Blessings or
any pastoral concern you may have.

Holy Day Masses - As scheduled

Contact us at
Saint Martin de Porres Priory
166 Jay Street
Albany, New York 12210-1806

For further information
Phone: (518) 434-8861

Parish Staff
The Most Reverend Richard G. Roy, OSJD, Archbishop and Pastor
Br. Stephen K. Peterson, OSJD, Pastoral Associate

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What Is the Church of the Holy Trinity ?

The Church of the Holy Trinity is a ministry of the National Catholic Church of America (NCCA), under the pastoral care of the Order of Saint John the Divine, an inclusive religious community for men and women.

The purposes of the Church and the parish are to offer worship to God, gathering together as a diverse people, knowing that we are loved by God and called to serve each other by the Gospel of Christ. As a community of faith, we work and pray for peace and justice in our society, welcoming all those who desire to see God's inclusive love transform our churches, our communities and ourselves.

As a community of apostolic heritage, we engage in pastoral and sacramental ministry within an authentically Catholic tradition. We affirm that the sacraments are gifts of God's love and compassion for us and are a means to the life of grace.

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Is Holy Trinity Part of the Roman Catholic Church ?

No, it is not. The National Catholic Church of America is an autonomous, apostolic Catholic body, under the leadership of Archbishop Richard G. Roy, OSJD, Primate of the NCCA. Our Church shares in the same apostolic lines of deacons, priests and bishops as that of the Roman Catholic community.

The priests of the Church are validly ordained and celebrate the seven Sacraments of the Church. We profess the same ancient creeds, such as the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed, which are the foundation of our Christian beliefs.

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How Does This Parish Differ From Other Catholic Parishes ?

At Holy Trinity, we have a vision of Church and ministry that is more inclusive of God's people. It is our view that no group or individual is excluded from full participation in the life of the Church, except by their own choice; that Catholic Christians are called upon to make informed moral decisions in the light of the Gospel and a discerning conscience. To that end, we intend to offer the sacraments in an affirming way free from the yoke of unnecessary rules and regulations.

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How Is This Vision Expressed In Holy Trinity's Parish Life ?

    + At our Masses, we invite all baptized Christians to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, the source and symbol of our unity at the one table of the Lord.

    + We recognize the right of women to equality at all levels of society and the Church, including ordained ministry.

    + We reserve to couples the right to plan their families in a responsible way.

    + Through the parish and the Church we offer the opportunity for lay or ordained ministry, admitting men and women to religious life and to all levels of Holy Orders without regard to marital status, race, physical disability or sexual orientation.

    + We offer the Sacrament of Marriage for sufficiently prepared couples, regardless of gender, as well as second marriages for properly disposed divorced persons. The marriages may take place either in a church or at another suitable location.

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Liturgical Life

Our weekly Holy Eucharist (Mass) is the center of our Church’s life of prayer and worship. The Mass currently in use by the Roman Catholic community and other Vatican II sacramental rites (with adaptations), and The Mass of Saint John the Divine, are the rites of celebration used a t Holy Trinity parish. We also engage in ecumenical and inter-faith worship.

Candlelight Benediction Service
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Outreach Ministry

Since our founding as a parish in July of 1995, members of the ministry team of Holy Trinity have been engaged in apostolic works which include home and hospital visitations, Eucharistic ministry, the Hospice program and work with the members of the AIDS/HIV-positive community.

Our promotion of legal recognition for same sex marriages, as well as advocacy for equal rights under the law for all, is consistent with those Gospel-based values which enhance human dignity and promote social justice, which are the birthright of all the children of God.

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Baptisms and Marriages

Those desiring the Sacrament of Baptism for infants must notify the Pastor at least one month in advance. The baptism and confirmation of older children and adults requires at least 4 months notice in order to provide time for instruction in the Faith.

Those planning to marry must notify the Pastor at least six months in advance and participate in marriage preparation sessions.

The Pastor is a member of Spiritual Directors International and is available for Spiritual Direction by appointment.

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You Are Invited

Parish life requires the talents of many dedicated people responding to Jesus' call to stewardship. If you would like to become part of our ministry through service to the Church of the Holy Trinity or to the larger community, please speak to the Pastor or any member of the ministry team.

The NCCA allows its lay members to
hold concurrent membership in
other Christian faith communities.

Baptism at Holy Trinity parish for Alex and Katie!
Christ, our Light and Easter Joy

Welcome to the family!

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